Natural Head Lice Shampoo

Lice infestation in your hair happens without warning, and unless you actually do something concrete about it, this problem won't go away. Particularly, little children who often play in the dirt and other not-so-clean places get lice home from other children. It does not take long for others in the family too, to be infected with lice. Our natural head lice shampoo is mild on your and your child's hair but nevertheless removes lice thoroughly and also helps in lice egg removal.

Lice are a kind of parasitic insect that actually feed on human blood. If you are facing the problem of lice infestation, you need to quickly kill and remove them from you and your loved ones. Our Bondza head lice shampoo is a natural head lice shampoo made from organic ingredients. It is mild on your child’s hair but still effectively rids all lice and eggs from it. We have a unique formula in place that targets areas where lice are prevalent and stuns and removes them.

Our natural head lice shampoo is safe enough for the young and old alike. We also don't use any kind of nuts in our shampoos. Hence, those with allergies need not worry about using them. Our natural head lice shampoo, like our other products, is truly made keeping you in mind.

We also have the Bondza head lice treatment and a combination of head lice treatment and shampoo. The latter comes with an interactive pocketbook that your kids will adore.

Our natural head lice shampoo and head lice treatment are provided at affordable costs. There are convenient online payment options available for you, including the ability to pay in instalments. Simply log on to our website, and you will get all the relevant details.

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