Organic Head lice Treatment

Little wingless insects that live on a human scalp and feed off our blood bitting our skin, most often a problem amongst children because they normally spend a lot of time  close to each other. The head lice can cause terrible itching and often skin irritations. The life cycle of head lice start as a tiny egg known as a nit, they start out white in colour and get darker as the egg is about to hatch, the nit is normally laid on hair close to the root and around the warmer parts of the head eg back of neck behind the ears, the nit is not easily removed as it is stuck to the hair. A nit normally takes around 2 weeks to hatch and then proceed to  live on the scalp for around 30 days, however they do not last long away from the scalp, around 24 hours give or take.

If you find yourself or child with head lice, this treatment really works, it has a nice smell to the treatment so nothing that your child can complain about and no terrible fumes that can burn their eyes or scalp, its all natural without all the nasties. I have used this product on people and it really does work, its Bondza 👍

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