Hair Mask for Damaged Hair

All of us inadvertently end up subjecting our hair to a lot of harsh elements like pollutants, extreme heat during styling, sun damage and rid it of its natural sheen, health and lustre. Sometimes, just shampooing your hair regularly or even conditioning it from time to time is not enough. This is why we have made a hair mask for damaged hair. Additionally, we also have a treatment trio. This, apart from other products, contains a hair mask that is organically made to take care of damaged hair.

Our hair mask for damaged hair is basically a restorative product. It reverses the damage done to your hair from heat and excessive styling. It restores the health of your hair. This shows in its glossy, thick, lustrous appearance. All of this is on account of its formula and combination of ingredients that are aimed at strengthening and enriching your hair from its roots. This product deeply nourishes and hydrates your hair. Just apply this hair mask for damaged hair after you have washed and towel-dried it. Use about three-fourths of the amount you wish to use first on the hair, taking care to apply the cream evenly through the sections of hair down to the roots.

With ingredients like olive oil, dragon fruit extract and eucalyptus, among others, our hair mask for damaged hair is designed to bring the bounce back in your hair and in your step. Go ahead and pamper your crowning glory with our product. You can get on a call with us, and we can help you understand how to best use this hair mask for damaged hair to let you have seamless and refreshing hair. Call us today.

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