FAQ For Bondza hair and body Organic Hair Products

Q.  Is Bondza Hair & Body made in Australia?

A.  Yes made and packaged

Q.  Is Bondza owned by an Australian?

A.   Yes born and bred  in Australia 

Q.   Who owns  Bondza?

A.   Hair stylist Maree Langford is the founder and family have part ownership.

Q.   Are the products natural?

A.   Yes most are either certified organic or organic.

Q.   Are these products safe with colour and other chemical services?

A.   Most definitely yes, will protect the hair, won’t wash the colour out.

Q.   Do Bondza products contain Silicone?

A.   No

Q.   Do Bondza hair and body products contain Paraben?

A.   No

Q.   Do Bondza products contain Sulphate?

A.   No

Q   Will Bondza hair and body products help your hair grow

A.   Yes over time, by feeding the scalp and protecting the hair, but you still need to look after your hair and try not to continue damage.

Q.   Is Bondza good for thin hair

A.   Yes it will feed the scalp and strengthen the hair, in time you will notice the hair has more body and growing much better, used in combination with the other repair and volume products.