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Helping people with their hair has been something I have spent most of my life doing, as a hairdresser of 36 years its not just a job but my passion.

The first thing you need to know about looking after your hair are the two main things that damage the hair; heat and hair dye. Heat damage can happen in several ways. The hair straighteners them selves generate a lot of heat, but also if you use hair dryers daily this will degrade the hair. Heat damage comes from curling irons or hair dryers, straighteners and form of hot styling tool they can cause hair to burn and completely ruin by simply doing it too often or having them set at too high of a temperature. A very important thing to remember is always use a heat spray when using heat on the hair, this will help to protect the hair to some point.

Hair dyes are another source of hair damage that seem harmless however after dying your hair once, it already becomes weaker and more susceptible to damage each time the hair is dyed again. The key to hair dye is not over dying your hair. Also, the use of certain products such as bleach, can cause severe damage during a chemical service and should always be used by a professional.

Another major source of hair damage is the sun; a source we don’t often think of. A very good way of looking after your hair is by using products that protect your hair against heat, specifically shampoos, conditioners and treatments that nourish the hair. If you care about good hair, then ensure you are using good organic products and have regular haircuts. These are two very simple things to do however people often don’t know the difference they can make. Who knew there was so much more to haircare than just washing your hair?

Natural ingredients in your hair care products are also essential to having healthy and beautiful hair. Products which contain natural ingredients are amazing for your hair because they nourish it without any damage of stripping the hair with man-made detergents which are found in other products on the market. There are an abundant of haircare products that contain artificial chemicals. The labels of these products maybe misleading as they may state that they are good for your hair even though they contain harsh chemicals. Another beneficial factor of natural ingredients, whether it is used for haircare or skincare products, is that they are good for you. Nobody likes the idea of putting harmful chemicals all over your body and most importantly, your head. It is essential that you look after your scalp as well as your hair. A good haircare routine is essential for both your scalp and hair, allowing for better hair growth.

Washing your hair with good quality shampoo and conditioner will help keep the scalp free from dirt and dryness which can cause numerous problems. Also, using an oil, serum or a leave-in product after washing your hair will protect it from damage as well as making it soft, shiny and moisturized. There are many good shampoos on the market, however I like to advise people to use organic products as they are better for both the hair, scalp and skin. People who suffer with dandruff or other skin conditions can benefit greatly from organic products and I would suggest trying an anti-dandruff shampoo which can help reduce flaking by removing any existing oil and dead skin cells.

The great thing about good quality, organic products is that they can be used on all hair types. Bondza hair and body have tried to make it easy for you to choose the right products for your hair.

Bondza have a great range of shampoos, conditioners and hair products to help nourish and protect the hair whilst helping to repair and prevent damage caused by chemical treatments such as colours, bleaching, perming and hot styling tools which can prevent the hair from growing. By using high-quality organic shampoo, conditioner and styling products, You should notice an improvement in the look and feel of your hair.

The nutrients in good hair products work to moisturize and protect the hair, which should help prevent it from drying out and looking dull. once your hair is nourished and protected you can then use styling prodcuts that will give you the right finish without weighing your hair down or making it look greasy. If you don’t already use good haircare, you will soon start to see results and more healthier, longer and shinier hair.

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