why I Prefer Certified organic / Natural Ingredients

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  • How lucky I am to live in such an amazing country, I didn't really think much about it as a child, but as an adult and mother I feel very lucky. It’s important to me as a hairdresser of 35 years to date, to be able to offer only the highest-grade ingredients, Australian made products that are either equal to, or superior to existing, developed brands currently already in the industry, it’s important to me to be able to offer a high quality product that will not harm us, but still give optimum strength protection and cleanse. When making a  claim that describes a product as organic, or the ingredients used to claim a product as  organic, eg ‘100% organic’, ‘made using organic ingredients’ or ‘certified organic’. Products labelled as organic generally attract a premium price compared to those produced using artificial fertilizer, chemicals or pesticides and non-essential food additives or processing aids. Organic certification is not legally required for a product supplied in Australia to be described as organic. 
  • Some of our ingredients are certified organic and others are natural ingredients. On the back labels you will see an * on every certified organic ingredient. You couldn’t say the products are Organic Certified but you could definitely say they are organic, our products are sulphate and paraben free and animal friendly and made with only the best ingredients possible.

    99.5% of our ingredients are natural. This inexpressible amount of not natural ingredients is necessary because they are conditioner elements. But don’t worry, they are water soluble and wash out easily.

  • After hairdressing for 35 years and only ever using salon hair products from the age of 17, I never would have thought organic would make such a difference, but since the development of Bondza hair and body range, I personally cannot believe the difference that organic has on my own hair and the hair of my customers. I have always looked after my hair very well, but still my hair was thin and wispy, I thought it I was just unlucky to have been born with this sort of hair and something I just had to live with.  Within the first month of using Bondza products during the testing stage, I am really amazed just how much thicker, stronger and longer my hair actually is and how much better I feel in myself. I hope with Bondza hair and body products people can feel good about their hair as well.

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